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CV Caffeine is a weekly 50 minute talk radio show featuring interviews with coaches, thought leaders and folks doing great things in the world. Many shows include tele-audience Q&A. 

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Join in every Monday at 1 PM ET to be inspired, challenged and entertained by Coaches from around the world.

As a Coach you put your heart, soul and energy into inspiring the greatness of everyone you Coach; and probably everyone you know! This is a big job. Who keeps you inspired? And who keeps you informed about everything happening in the world of coaching and personal development?

CV Caffeine will keep you informed about:

1) all of the important trends in the Coaching Industry

2) Big developments in the world of personal development

3) How events and developments around the world effect Coaches and Coaching

4) How I met my new client! Coaches tell their stories about how they signed a new client - a regular feature on the show!

5) Ideas you can use WITH your new clients

CV Caffeine is a conversation
Join in!

You will get to meet:

1) Coaches - just like you - who are doing cool things in the world:
How did they get started?;
What are they doing now?
What is their BIG Idea?
What challenges are they facing?

2) Thought leaders from the personal development world. Find out what they think about Coaching!

Past guests include:
Stuart Emery - Author of Success Built to Last
John Assaraf - Author of Having it All, and
Marci Schimoff - Author of Happy for No Reason
Bea Fields - Author of Edge!
Joe Dispenza - Author of Evolve Your Brain
Ginger Cockerham - The Group Coaching Maven


Your Hosts::
The Coaching Maven Dave Buck 

Dave Buck, Master Certified Coach (MCC) and MBA, is the CEO DB-maven-2of CoachVille, the largest and fastest growing business and personal coaching organization in the world. The CoachVille vision is:

Everyone with the courage to play BIG in life, has a great coach.

He worked with Thomas Leonard to found CoachVille in 2001 and has delivered coach training programs to thousands of coaches.

Dave's coaching career is diverse. He began coaching as an assistant coach for the Seton Hall University Men's Soccer Team in 1995 and remains on the staff today. He began life coaching in 1997 and has coached over 1,000 individuals. He has also served on the MBA Faculty for Seton Hall University Stillman School of Business.

Dave is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council with Jack Canfield and many others seen in the hit movie “The Secret”. Dave was a part of the first ever Global Coaching Leader Summit. He was awarded the first ever Global Peacemaker Award by the International Coach Federation in 2004.

The Unstoppable Coach Terri Zelenak

Coach Terri Zelenak, Professional Certified Coach, is a versatiletz-unstop-1-jpg coach with strong skills and an “all things are possible attitude”. She has served as CoachVille's General Manager and Director of Member Services as well as a Mentor Coach and Instructor.

With Terri you get humor and fun but you also get the job done! She is quirky, quick witted and very direct. She also creates a place that is free of judgment and relishes the plain, and often not so simple, truth. With Terri there is safety to explore your biggest issues but there is no place to hide. She will call you forward and champion you as you on your road to taking a stance of personal leadership in your life.

The “Captain” Vince Hase

The Captain Vince Hase
Vince is the "Voice" of vince hase-jpgCoachVille Caffeine, and has been dubbed "Captain" by Dave, as he is also the program's producer. Vince has been a member of Training & Development for major retail corporations, and has developed and facilitated training programs in the corporate community, as well as family oriented classes and training.

The key to Vincent's experience is his understanding of media creation and content. He has produced and directed the video content for CoachVille, and has a hand in many of the graphics and titles that abound on the site.

While Vince Blogs seriously about learning, Customer service and all things Caffeine on Coachblog, he jumps at the chance to keep you to laughing and enjoying life. His personal blog, Vince Unleashed, is audio, video and traditional blogging with a cast of memorable characters designed to keep a smile on your face, and make Vince .0001 cents a click when you check out a Google ad. =)


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